Larkin Poynton

Larkin Poynton was born to the Basque region of Spain and grew up under the Rocky Mountains in Longmont, Colorado. Larkin founded and co-founded numerous events and organizations centered around community, artistic development, and unity, such as Side by Side Dance Company, Block 1750, Murmuration, and Project Home. He is incredibly invested in and has worked hard to develop dance communities around the world using movement as a means for human connection, conversation, and self-cultivation. In addition, Larkin has been teaching nationally and internationally for the past four years, spreading his knowledge of community building, the power of self and communal worth, and movement as a basis of expression.

As your mentor I will provide you with an extensive vocabulary and understanding of foundational dance skills, the experience and knowledge required to resonate and work with all skill levels, and an acute comprehension my own movement. With these as a base we will work together to create a better understanding of our skills, ourselves, and our movement.