Carlo Darang

Starting in 2007, Carlo Darang has always been into dance whether it was for his high school’s Pilipino Culture Night or even if it was just taking class from time to time. In 2008, he decided to start training at Studio 429 where he joined his first team: Breakthrough. After a year, he was invited to join Choreo Cookies, where he continued to grow his passion for dance and community.

After a few years, Carlo became director of Choreo Cookies in 2013, where he joined already-director Keone Madrid, and is now currently joined by new director Jason Patio. They hope to help current and future members of the team grow and experience as much as they can during their time on the team.

Aside from directing, Carlo also teaches around the world. Places he has taught include: Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, Spain, and various places around the U.S. Through teaching and training others, Carlo hopes to give back to his community by helping create an environment in which dancers can flourish and develop their skills while maintaining a positive mindset.

As your mentor, I will help develop your quality of movement through various foundational drills or choreography exercises. These can directly apply to creating/executing choreography, or simply breaking through the struggles of freestyling. I can also help develop leadership skills through various discussions. Whether your obstacles are physical or mental, I will make sure that you leave Building Block better than when you arrived.