Amor Ledesma

Amor is a dancer/instructor from San Diego, CA. She began her dance career training in various styles including jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap, before she found and fell in love with hip hop. It was then that she joined Studio 429 and competed with Tru-Definition and Breakthrough, where she recognized the significance of beginning and fundamental movement. These teams and classes were taught by directors such as Kristen Aguinaldo and Emmett Agapay, who inspired her to become a director, herself. Amor co-directs the San Diego junior team Lost and Found beside Carlo Darang, where she builds sets and trains dancers of different levels and backgrounds. She also teaches in and out of San Diego, where she focuses on “technique” and is committed to teach what she believes are the fundamentals of urban dance, today. Amor currently dances with Choreo Cookies, under the direction of Carlo Darang and Jason Patio.

“As your Building Block mentor, I am committed to build dancers who embody the idea of quality over quantity. You will be able to grasp the significance of “urban dance technique” by further developing your skills in grooving, coordination, isolation, execution and how that profoundly affects how you create, freestyle, choreograph and perform. My goal is to genuinely ignite your individuality and hunger for learning and to supply you with the tools you need to bring your movement to the next level! In summary, I want to help you become